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bdg41. Boycott Apartheid 89

Badge produced for the AAM’s Boycott Apartheid 89 campaign.

bdg42. The Freedom Run

 The AAM held an annual sponsored ‘Freedom Run’ in Brockell Park, south London to raise funds for its campaigns. This badge publicised the first run in 1989.

bdg43. Namibia Independence Day

Celebratory badge for Namibia Independence Day, 21 March 1990.

bdg44. Boycott Products of Apartheid

Badge produced for the AAM’s Month of Boycott Action in March 1985.

bdg45. Sanctions Now!
bdg46. March for Freedom

Badge with Umkhonto we Sizwe logo.

bdg47. March for Freedom

Badge in the colours of the South West Africa People’s Organisation (SWAPO).

bdg48. ‘Solidarity with black workers’

The AAM campaigned in Britain for support for black workers in South Africa, and especially for the recognition of independent trade unions by British-owned South African companies. This badge was distributed among British trade unionists.

bdg49. ‘No Tory Sell-Out in Zimbabwe’

Badge produced in the run-up to the Lancaster House talks on the future of Zimbabwe in the summer of 1979. The AAM campaigned to stop the Conservative government elected in May 1979 from recognising the Muzorewa government in Zimbabwe and against any agreement that would not lead to majority rule. In June 1979 it joined with other groups to set up the Zimbabwe Emergency Campaign Committee.

bdg50. ‘Disinvest: Break the South African Connection’

This badge reproduced the cover design from the Penguin Books edition of ‘The South African Connection’, published in 1973. The book contested the argument that the growth of manufacturing industry in South Africa would bring about the end of apartheid and set out the case for disinvestment. 

bdg51. ‘Defend Socialism at Birth’

Mozambique, Angola and Guinea-Bissau won their independence from Portugal in 1975 after a protracted guerrilla war. This badge was produced by the Mozambique Angola and Guine Information Centre (MAGIC), set up as the Mozambique and Guine Information Centre in August 1975. MAGIC published a bi-monthly magazine about developments in the former Portuguese colonies and recruited volunteers to work in Mozambique.


Badge produced by the Committee for Freedom in Mozambique, Angola and Guinea Bissau in support of the liberation movements in Portugal’s African colonies. Portugal was forced to withdraw from the colonies in 1975.

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