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apd01. This is Apartheid

Pamphlet illustrating life under apartheid and black resistance.

apd02. Children of Soweto

Booklet illustrated with woodcuts about life for black South Africans under apartheid. The booklet was produced by the South Africa Racial Amity Trust (SARAT), an education charity set up by the Anti-Apartheid Movement and later renamed the Bishop Ambrose Reeves Trust (BART).

apd03. Apartheid Quiz

Pamphlet explaining basic facts about apartheid.

apd04. Cape Town railway station

Segregated facilities at Cape Town railway station in the 1950s.

apd05. Pretoria Parks Department notice

Pretoria Parks Department notice saying Africans are not allowed to use the park unless they are looking after white children.

apd06. ‘Whites only’ park bench

Black nannies sit on the grass looking after white children because the park bench is for whites only.

apd07. ‘Europeans only’ seating area

Playing chess in a ‘European only’ seating area.

apd08. Child farm labour – picking potatoes

Young boys digging potatoes on a white farm.

apd09. Shacks on the veldt
apd10. Migrant workers hostel
apd11. Woman scavenging at a rubbish tip
apd12. Baby in a hospital ward
apd13. Patients sleep on the floor at Baragwanath Hospital, Johannesburg

There were no beds for these patients at Baragwanath Hospital. Health facilities under apartheid were grossly discriminatory.

apd14. Shacks on the veldt
apd15. Children in an overcrowded classroom

Overcrowded and underequipped classroom.

apd17. Police with dogs
apd18. Soldier chasing young boy

Police chasing a young school student in Soweto.

apd19. Police chasing demonstrators

Police chasing school students.

apd20. Woman shot by police
apd21. An armoured car patrols a Cape Town township

An armoured car patrols a Cape Town township during the state of emergency in the mid-1980s.

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