Political prisoners

int08a1. Jack Jones interview clip 1

Jack Jones was the General Secretary of the Transport and General Workers Union, 1968–78, and Chair of the TUC International Committee. He fought in the British Battalion of the International Brigades in the Spanish Civil war in 1936 and campaigned in the trade union movement against the dictatorships in Spain, Greece and Chile. Jack Jones was a Vice President of the Anti-Apartheid Movement.

In this clip Jack Jones describes how tried to visit David Kitson in prison in Pretoria, and managed to secretly pass him a message of support.

int41a1. Richard Caborn interview clip 1

Richard Caborn was the Labour MP for Sheffield Central, 1983–2010, and Minister for Sport, 2001–2007. He joined the Anti-Apartheid Movement when he was a trade union official in the 1970s and was a founder member of Sheffield Anti-Apartheid Group. He served as the Anti-Apartheid Movement’s national Treasurer, 1989–1994. In 1984 he became Secretary of the all-party parliamentary group on Southern Africa.

In this clip Richard Caborn tells how the parliamentary group on Southern Africa used a sympathetic Conservative intermediary to make representations to Prime Minister Thatcher about political prisoners on death row.