Campaign Goods

bdg23. Free Nelson Mandela

Badge produced for the AAM campaign for the release of Nelson Mandela in response to a petition launched by the Sunday Post in South Africa in 1980. The AAM distributed thousands of badges, leaflets and stickers calling for Mandela’s release. A ‘Free Mandela’ declaration was endorsed by British MPs, trade unions, playwrights, musicians and academics.

tsh30. Release Nelson Mandela

T-shirt first produced by Barnet Anti-Apartheid Group in 1982 for the campaign to free Nelson Mandela. The group pioneered the production of T-shirts publicising AAM campaigns. From the late 1970s it produced T-shirts and sweatshirts in a range of colours featuring the AAM logo. 

pri25. ‘Free Political Prisoners’ postcards

Set of six postcards designed by Ken Sprague calling for the release of South African and Namibian political prisoners.

msc19. ‘Release Mandela’ mug

Mug telling the story of a black South African worker sentenced to 18 months in gaol for writing ‘Release Nelson Mandela’ on his tea mug.

bdg35. ‘I Don’t Buy South African Goods’

Badge produced for the AAM’s Month of Boycott Action in March 1985.

bdg44. Boycott Products of Apartheid

Badge calling for a boycott of South African goods, produced in the USA.

msc25. ‘Don’t Buy South African Goods’ bag

Carrier bag produced for the AAM’s Month of Boycott Action in March 1985.