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msc34. Freedom Run medal

From 1989 the AAM held an annual sponsored Freedom Run in Brockwell Park, south London, with races run over various distances. This was one of the winners’ medals.

int30a. Simon Korner interview clip

Simon Korner was Secretary and then Chair of Hackney AA Group from about 1986 to 1994. The group organised a weekly stall outside Sainsbury’s in Dalston and a regular picket of the local Shell garage in Clapton. It put on major fundraising shows at the Hackney Empire, featuring artists like Jack Dee, Eddie Izzard and the Pogues. Simon was a member of the London Anti-Apartheid Committee, and organised political dayschools and a mass picket of Shell HQ.

In this clip he describes the Hackney Turkish community’s support for anti-apartheid campaigns.

David Blunkett transcript

David Blunkett is the Labour  MP for Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough. As Leader of Sheffield City Council in 1981 he launched a Declaration pledging that the Council would boycott South African goods, withhold use of sporting and recreational facilities from events involving South African participants and encourage positive teaching about Africa in Sheffield schools. In 1983 Sheffield Council hosted the inaugural meeting of Local Authority Action Against Apartheid.

This is a complete transcript of an interview carried out as part of a project by students at Sheffield Hallam University in 2013.

int36t. Peter Brayshaw transcript

Peter Brayshaw took part in protests against UDI in Rhodesia as a student in the mid-1960s. He joined the Committee for Freedom in Mozambique, Angola and Guinea and travelled to Angola soon after MPLA declared independence in 1975. On his return to Britain he campaigned for international recognition of the MPLA government and later became Chair of the Mozambique Angola Committee. He later served as Vice Chair of Action for Southern Africa (ACTSA) and as a Labour Councillor in the London Borough of Camden. 

This is a complete transcript of an interview carried out as part of the ‘Forward to Freedom’ history project in 2013.

Int37a1. Hanef Bhamjee interview clip 1

Hanef Bhamjee came to Britain in 1965 to escape detention by the South African security police. He became involved in the Anti-Apartheid Movement as a student at Birmingham University. In the 1970s he moved to Cardiff and in 1981 was a founder member of Wales Anti-Apartheid Movement. He served as Wales AAM’s Secretary from 1982 to 1994 and is now Secretary of ACTSA Cymru.

In this clip Hanef describes the success of anti-apartheid campaigns in Wales and the development of the Wales Anti-Apartheid Movement.