apd01. This is Apartheid

Pamphlet illustrating life under apartheid and black resistance.

apd02. Children of Soweto

Booklet illustrated with woodcuts about life for black South Africans under apartheid. The booklet was produced by the South Africa Racial Amity Trust (SARAT), an education charity set up by the Anti-Apartheid Movement and later renamed the Bishop Ambrose Reeves Trust (BART).

apd03. Apartheid Quiz

Pamphlet explaining basic facts about apartheid.

po016. A South African policeman, judge and executioner

This poster was one of a series about repression under apartheid. It featured South African exile Jan Hoogendyk dressed as a South African policeman. The 1967 Terrorism Act gave the police power to detain people indefinitely without disclosing where they were being held. At least 15 prisoners died in detention in the first few years of the Act.

apd25. South Africa: The Terrorism of Torture

Pamphlet documenting the use of torture in South Africa in the 1960s and 1970s. The pamphlet shows how the apartheid legal system was used as window-dressing for a totalitarian regime and covers key trials in the early 1970s, including that of Winnie Mandela. It was published by the International Defence and Aid Fund (IDAF) and distributed by the Anti-Apartheid Movement.

po036. Apartheid in Practice: Land in South Africa

One of a set of five posters – others in the series focused on Jobs & Wages, Education, Health & Housing and Law & Order. The poster shows how 87 per cent of South Africa’s land was reserved for whites and Africans were crowded into the Bantustans to form a pool of cheap labour. The posters were distributed worldwide through a network of anti-apartheid solidarity groups co-ordinated by UN Centre against Apartheid.