po134. Freedom of Nine Cities

Altogether nine British cities presented Nelson Mandela with the freedom of the city. In October 1993 Mandela visited Glasgow to meet representatives from each of the nine local councils. AAM President Trevor Huddleston presented him with a special scroll commemorating the awards.

po206. Nottingham concert poster

Poster for a concert to raise funds for the ANC election campaign in South Africa’s first democratic election in April 1994. The concert was organised by Nottingham anti-apartheid supporters and was supported by Nottingham City Council. It took place in the Marcus Garvey Centre, an Afro-Caribbean community centre in Nottingham’s Lenton district, and featured the Zimbabwean group, the Bhundu Boys.

po132. Countdown to Democracy 27 April ’94

In the run-up to South Africa’s first one person one vote election, the AAM called for a full complement of election observers from Britain and the international community, and asked British local authorities and other organisations to support voter education workshops in South Africa.

po196. ‘Mandela for President’

Poster calling for the election of Nelson Mandela as South Africa’s President, produced for the ANC campaign in South Africa’s first one person one vote election in April 1994.

po161. ‘Viva South Africa’ concert, 1994

Poster advertising a concert on 9 July 1994 celebrating South Africa’s first democratic election. The concert featured South African artists and was organised by Islington Council in north London.

po179. ‘Mozambique Now!’, 1994

In October 1994 Mozambique held its first multi-party elections after 18 years of civil war. Under the slogan ‘Mozambique Now!’ the AAM and the Mozambique Angola Committee lobbied the British government to help ensure that the opposition group RENAMO observed the Mozambique peace agreement reached in October 1992. They worked to ensure that British organisations were better informed about the situation in Mozambique and pressed for more international election observers.